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Heat Sink, Wire Harness, Bus Bar & Power Cord Manufacturer

PSIL India Pvt Ltd, incorporated year 2003, is counted as renowned organization involved in manufacturing and supplying of Aluminium Heat Sinks, Wire Harness, Power cords and Bus Bar. We are Delhi based Heat Sink Manufacturer Company. However, we do supply Delhi ,NCR and all over India.


We provide Customize Design

Need help with Manufacturing of any of your customized Heat Sink, Wire Harness, Bus Bars and Moulded Power Cords. Just give us a call and get a complete customized solution from our experienced design team.

Certainly, here are some points that a company specializing in the production of heat shrink, wire harnesses, bus bars, and power cords could use to highlight why clients should choose them:

  • Original Manufacturer heat sink, wire harness and bus bar for OEM/ODM.
  • Industry Leading and Patented Technologies.
  • Order Flexibility for Sample Orders, Small Quantity Pilot-Run, and Mass Production.
  • Production Process - from CFD Design & Simulation, Prototype.
  • Samples, Mass Production, Surface Treatment, Thermal Resistance Tests on each part
  • More Affordable Prices, Better Cost Performance, and Shorter Lead Time

Our Mission

" our mission is to be a leading force in empowering connectivity and enhancing safety through our innovative solutions. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of heat shrink products, wire harnesses, bus bars, and power cords."

Our Vision

"Our vision is to be a global leader in crafting cutting-edge solutions for heat shrink, wire harness, bus bars, and power cords, driving seamless connectivity and powering the future of industries with innovation, reliability, and excellence."

Our Goal

"Our goal is to be the premier provider of heat shrink solutions, wire harnesses, bus bars, and power cords, driving seamless connectivity and innovation across diverse industries worldwide."

If you are looking for Aluminium Heat Sink Manufacturer or Wire Harness or Bus Bar or Power Cord Manufacturer, It is right Place.

"We are among the Top Aluminium Heat Sink Manufacturers in Delhi, India. We can provide you all kind of aluminum heat sinks, wire harness, power cords and bus bars. Lets get started, Drop your email and phone and our marketing team will call you and discuss your requirements. Rest will be taken care by us. Our team will provide you perfectly crafted design solution for your requirements. SO, Lets get started…"