Power Cord

Power Cord

Power Cord

A Power cord is an electrical component used for connecting appliances to an electrical utility or power supply. It is made from an insulated electrical cable with one or both ends molded with connectors. Usually, One end is a male connector or a plug that goes into the electrical receptacle, wall outlet, or extension cord. The other end is a female connector that is attached to the equipment or to any other male connector. The Female connector is not available in appliances sometimes and changed by using a fixed cable. Power cords have commonly applications in both domestic and commercial areas. They are used in each electric equipment along with TVs, computer systems, fridges, air conditioners, and so on. Industrial and manufacturing plant life rarely make use of power cords considering maximum plant equipment draws high amounts of current and need for medium to excessive voltages. Power cords are typically constrained to modern-day and voltage scores of 16 Ampere to 20Ampere and 125 Volt to 250 Volt, respectively. A power cord is an essential component in the realm of electronics, serving as the lifeline that connects devices to a power source. These cords come in various shapes, sizes, and specifications to accommodate the diverse needs of electronic gadgets and appliances.

We Manufacture Many Types of Power Cord

Female 3 Pin Moulded Power Cords

Female 3 Pin Moulded Power Cords represent a significant advancement in electrical connectivity, specifically tailored to meet the demands of a variety of electronic devices. Designed with precision, these cords feature a distinctive three-pin female connector that seamlessly interfaces with corresponding male plugs, providing a secure and stable connection.

DC Power Cords

DC power cords play a pivotal role in delivering direct current (DC) electrical power from a source to various electronic devices, offering a reliable means of connectivity. These cords are specifically designed for applications where a consistent and stable flow of power is essential. Often equipped with connectors tailored to specific devices, such as barrel connectors, DC power cords come in various configurations to accommodate diverse needs in the electronics landscape.

BDC Connectors

BDC connectors, or Bayonet-Dependent Connectors, represent a technological leap in the field of electronic connections. These connectors are designed for ease of use and efficiency, featuring a bayonet mechanism that allows for quick and secure coupling. The bayonet system involves a rotating sleeve or cap on one connector that locks into place with a quick twist, providing a reliable and robust connection without the need for intricate threading.

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