Heat Sinks

Heat Sinks

Heat Sinks

  • Inverter & SMPS Industries: We can provide a heat sink solution for effective cooling to LED light sources. We manufacture customized aluminum heat sinks that are thin, required minimal structural support, and are very suitable for high-volume production processes.
  • Audio equipment:Audio equipment heat sinks are usually in complex form. Many heatsink manufacturers are interested in complex form of heat sink. We can make heat sink that are essential for audio amplifiers that can effectively dissipate output transistor heat.
  • Automotive electronic equipment enables high-density components to operate at stable temperatures over a wide spectrum of ambient conditions. We create a wide range of heat sink products for automotive industries.
  • Any application where heat is generated and needs to be removed: Regardless of your application, you can trust PSIL to develop a customized aluminium heat sinks be satisfactory to your needs. We’ll collaborate closely with you to provide the finest solution for your demands and budget. .
  • Automotive Electronics: Die-cast heat sinks are employed in automotive applications to cool electronic components such as power modules, voltage regulators, and other devices that generate heat in vehicles.

We Manufacture Many Types of Heat Sinks

Extruded Heat Sink

Extruded Heat Sinks are most commonly Heat Sink used for thermal management in industries as they are extremely cost-effective, but lack design flexibility. We are its one of the known for such heat sink manufacturer in Delhi.

CNC Based Heat Sink

CNC machined heat sinks have two key advantages: complex design possibilities and high thermal conductivity. using CNC machines, PSIL is popular as Customized Heat Sink Manufacturer in Delhi and NCR.

Die Cast Heat Sink

Die cast heat sinks are ideal, when you require a custom-designed aluminum heat sink. They're made by injecting high-pressure liquid aluminum into reusable molds. PSIL India is popular die cast heat sink manufacturer in NCR.

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